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Graphic Design Tips
Hmmm... is this scheduled automated social media posting going to work?
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The lesson of time management in creating quality artwork. A lesson well taught by my father.
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Excepting payments online increased my sales substantially.  My clients no longer wonder if their check was received in the mail.  They get an  immediate response that their online payment has been received. And a receipt for their records.  They can be assured that their credit card number is protected by secure sites.  There are several...
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Every Thanksgiving I think about the clients that I have been so fortunate to work with over the past year. Without them Creations 4 You wouldn’t be, well, Creations 4 You. Each offers their own unique needs. Which gives me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, designs and objectives. What a...
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Many times we have ads that are done for us, and we are proud of our business and try to put everything we can in an ad. Most of the time to much information and the type ends up being small. I have noticed that it doesn’t matter if it is a full page or...
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Don’t miss a large potential client base that uses mobile devices to find you!   You have a great website – right? What does it look like on your cell phone? On your tablet? Same as it does on your desktop computer? If this is the case then it is not considered mobile friendly. Mobile...
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So you have a website, but perhaps you are tired of paying someone else to update it. Consider switching to WordPress. WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System). Adding pages or posts is an easy thing to do once your site is set up. You can set the site up yourself or call on...
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Thought I would share a business throwback. Of course fun for me, hope you find it interesting. Back in 1985, I created these signs, my favorite being the big red banner at the top. I hand cut rubylith with a swivel X-Acto knife so the silk screeners could print the HUGE banner. The Anheuser-Busch logo...
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So you are needing more exposure for your product or service! Think about an email campaign. Designed to get your message across quickly and effectively. Track who opens, reads, and engages in your campaign. With these leads you can further contact that potential client. Your campaign will also have the mandatory opt out, so not...
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Did you know that you cannot use any stock photos, illustrations, or icons in your logo? Yes that is correct. Stock photo providers such as or do not allow you to use any element in a logo. This is so confusing, since there are graphics specifically for logos. For example you look through...
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