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Switching to WordPress

So you have a website, but perhaps you are tired of paying someone else to update it. Consider switching to WordPress. WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System). Adding pages or posts is an easy thing to do once your site is set up. You can set the site up yourself or call on me to help. Setting up the site can be a challenge so unless you are computer savvy you may want it set up for you.

Why switch to WordPress? There are so many advantages but below are a few reasons:

  • You will be able to manage your site yourself.
  • Cut down on programming cost maintaining your current site.
  • Great SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Multiple ways to generate income from your site.
  • Link to your social media, or have feeds of your social media on your site.
  • Video and Audio capabilities for demonstrating your product or service.
  • Shopping Cart to sell your products
  • Calendars to tell about your next event.
  • Blog posts to keep your site engaging, with ease.
  • Tons of pre-made themes to chose from.

I have done custom HTML sites and I would choose WordPress over a custom HTML site, just because of the great functionality that it offers, not to mention less expensive. And talk about a time saver. Your site can be up and running within a week compared to several weeks (or months) for a custom site.

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