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Lesson from Dad.

Early on my Dad noticed I enjoyed drawing and was pretty good at it. So he sat me down to teach me the value of time management. Mind you, I was in grade school. Even then I knew the importance of it. What was it? Oh yea… he sat me down at the kitchen table, handed me a piece of paper and a pencil, with an eraser. Asked me to draw a hamburger. Okay, easy… then he set a timer, one of the old kitchen cook timers, and set it for 15 minutes. So away I went creating a masterpiece. Picture was pretty good and looked delicious, well for a drawing.

Wait … not done with the lesson yet… next he handed me a new piece of paper and then set the timer for 2 minutes. “Now create another hamburger, utilizing your vision, no eraser, and just as quick as you can. Go.” said Dad.

So I did. “Ding” went the 2 minute timer. Drawing was pretty good also.

The lesson of time management in creating quality artwork. A lesson well taught by my father. One that I never forgot and that has served me very well.

Thanks Dad.

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