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We like to hear good news. If you have a nice comment you would like to add about how you were treated, please drop us a note. Suggestions are also welcomed. Again, thank you for contacting me and letting me work on your projects. ~Deborah Szewczuk

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  1. Lisa Harding

    Deb is an incredible graphic designer. I give her some text and she comes up with a whole concept!! Her designs are always creative and right on target!! She makes it so easy.

    1. We are a large printing company receiving many files every day.
      We look forward to Deb’s files as they always uploaded on time, are very accurate and precise. In production that adds up to time saved and faster turn arounds on the proofs. Deb’s files also prove to be so good, there are very few corrections which saves the client money.
      Deb is a professional, and her designs are very creative and exciting, and they SELL !

  2. Working with Deborah has been an absolute pleasure! She designed a beautiful back cover for our women’s magazine that matched the front cover perfectly…and she had no idea what the front cover looked like! She’s designed ads for us, which visually reflect who we are as a company perfectly. Deborah also redid our website in record breaking time. By far, the best experience we’ve had thus far, has been our experience working with Deborah. She is talented, knowledgable, affordably priced and meets every deadline. What more could you ask for? We highly recommend her…you will be more than pleased.

  3. The Kitchen, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Springfield, Missouri. We needed an updated website but I knew very little about WordPress. After talking with Deborah, she knew what we wanted and how to do it. Not only did Deborah give us the website we were looking for, she has helped me many times since with things I don’t understand and changes that need to be made. She is excellent and very reasonably priced. If you need help with your website, call her today!

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