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April 2, 2013
Client requested a simple, clean and to the point website. Promoting Contracting and Restoration. Mold Remediation, Water Restoration, Disaster Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration. Custom Website with a WordPress blog page. Allowing the client to enter new updated information on the blog page. Visit live site at … A Superior Contracting and Restoration.
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Client wanted a website that they could make changes to text and add pages as needed. Suggested a WordPress website. Set the site up to get them started. Included links to social media and a blog page. Visit live site …. Royal Gymnastics.
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Create a small website to sell and feature livestock. For miniature zubus, donkeys, bull and cows. Visit live site … Half Pint Acres.
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Create a winter looking ad for Dancers Pointe a Dancing School. Advertisement appeared in a local magazine. A QR code was added to the bottom right that goes to their website.
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Create a small ad for a Nikki Tans. Announcing their Grand Opening.
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Recreation of logo from 1994. Make the logo more upbeat, colorful and modern looking. Adding icons to communicate social media. Keep some type of element from old logo. Decided to keep the “4”. Then come up with a tag line that best represents what Creations 4 You encompasses. “Getting your business noticed.”, seemed to fit...
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