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This ad was a update and a touch of rework to an existing ad for a mortgage company. Added a new picture for the winter season and improved the overall look of the ad.
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Adventure Magazine
For the adventure enthusiasts. A magazine about places and adventures in the River Valley area. Click below to view magazine.    
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Creations 4 You
Did you know if you send a designer your logo in jpeg format, you are setting yourself up for disappointment? Why you ask? Jpegs are a poor quality for your logo, don’t use them. Jpegs for logos come with this horrible white background and makes your logo a nightmare to work with. Make sure your...
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So you have this great ad. Gets the message across, grabs your attention, has all of your contact information. Wonderful. Now you want to include it in an online version of the magazine that you spent valuable money on for that ad spot. Okay great. Send that jpeg over and hope for the best. BUT…...
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An entire branding campaign was done for Arkansas Surgical Hospital. From print materials to radio and television spots. Also special events were held. Here are some of the branding projects that were done. A media plan was put together that included the objectives and how they would be reach. Schedule of when different marketing events,...
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Linda’s pumpkin patch wanted to take steps towards getting their name out there more and modernizing their look. Started with a new logo creation. Based off of old logo to keep some key components for branding, while modernizing logo. Next steps was to do some new advertising. Then a brochure for parents to take away...
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Are you looking for an affordable solution to your website needs? I have set up another site to expand on the website services offered. Please visit Websites by Creations 4 You for information about an affordable solution.  
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